Oh, hey, look– BlogDude is back!

Yeah, I’ve been gone too long. Lotsa stuff happening, but still… I’ve been letting this get away from me.

NOT cool.

BUT: I’m back. And hopefully we won’t be seeing any more of thee protracted absences.

Today’s post won’t be a long one; in fact, it’s really more of a question. Of course, I’m long-winded so this question will probably take at least a hundred words to take form, but hey, that’s me!

Okay, so, I’m laying in bed. It’s dark, I’ve spent my prayer time, and I’m laying there waiting for sleep to show up (you think I stay away for a long time; you should see how that Sleep fella treats me. It’s a travesty). As usual, my mind is working overtime– I think a lot. Which isn’t to say I’m particularly smart, just that I notice a lot of bright shiny objects in my daily travels. But I digress.

In the course of my thinking, I start wondering how cool it would have been to have actually seen God blow life into Adam. I mean, seriously. How freakin’ cool would that be? To see the Lord take this little pile of dirt, do His thing, make a little model of some dude (or “the dude,” since there aren’t really “dudes” to qualify the distinction of “some”), and then breathe on it. POOF, the dude is alive!

Now first of all– I mean, really, its hard to beat the idea of God breathing on dirt, and all of a sudden it’s alive. But then I start thinking, “I wonder what the expression on Adam’s face was, when he just popped into existence.” For real, that had to have been golden! This is the only guy that was ever just poofed into life, fully formed and aware; he didn’t have an adjustment period, parents (at least, not in the sense that you and I have parents)… he just wasn’t… and then he WAS. I gotta ask him how that felt, one day.

Anyway, I’m thinking, “Man, it’s too bad I wasn’t there for that. It would been AWESOME.” And then my thoughts moved on, and I started contemplating eternity and stuff. You know, cuz we’re gonna live with Christ forever, which is also a really, really cool thing to be thinking about. But then, because I tend to meander in thought as well as in motion (have I mentioned that I’m sorta clumsy?), I got to thinking about how God– who lives in eternity (that is, outside of time) can see everything in the history of everything as if it were all happening in the same eyeblink. Also very cool. And we’re gonna be living with Him in eternity. What an awesome deal!


So that means…

If God lives in eternity…

… and He can see everything that ever was…

… and we’re gonna live with Him in eternity…

… then it stands to reason that we’re gonna be able to see as He does! In fact– I gotta look this up, seriously, I think it was Paul that said something about it (I love Paul, such a cool dude)– I’m pretty sure Scripture confirms it. So if that’s the case,


That, ladies and gentlemen, is worth the price of admission even if that whole, “salvation, justification, sanctification,” thing wasn’t incentive enough.


Maranatha, Dude. Let’s get this show started…


Love all of you folks. Sorry to have been gone so long, but I’m glad to be back. I hope you’re glad to see me again, too.